This is the end .



Due to recent event's i am shutting down Solito.
As for why i am myself not capable to maintain the server(s) anymore or well willing to until things get better.
Also might be leaving discord as a whole until i can clear up things.
I am as of now not releasing the source code of the server as i maybe am gonna bring back the server some day,
also it contains ip's, hashed passwords, names, emails which are personal and should be treated as such.

I wanna all say thank you for the good 3 years and the things i have learned from this.
Especially thanks to you guys:
@👨‍👦Close Friends

Love you all.

If you wanna contact me privately you can always.
Might be planning some new ideas and hopefully executing them.
Like working on youtube, github projects or some other things i have been wanting to do for a long long time.