Solito Rules

General server regulations

The general Solito server rules are there to ensure that all players have a safe and enjoyable playing experience in and around the server. Although most of the rules are “common sense”, there can be minor differences per part so it is recommended that you read the rules once.

General rules:
The rules below apply across the entire server and all associated communication platforms (where applicable). In addition, each game mode will be treated separately where specific rules apply. It is not possible to grant rights to this file.

Chat Violations:
The intention is that the chat, both in-game and on the communication platforms, remains clear and that people behave neatly and respectfully towards each other. Therefore it is not allowed to:
1. Show inappropriate behavior in chat. Examples are: swearing, offensive signs(*1) and sexual conversations.
2. Repeated sending of messages (spamming) is not allowed. This also applies to commands you can execute such as teleports, trades, private messages, etc.
3. To advertise in any way and for any platforms and/or services with the exception of Solito and affiliated channels, Twitters, Discords and servers.

Code of Conduct:
Of course, you should not only treat other players respectfully in the chat, but also on the communication platforms and in your actions. Therefore it is not allowed to:
– Disrespect players in any way based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, mental and/or physical abnormalities, political beliefs and efficacy.
– Bully/threaten and/or intimidate players
– Using an offensive or otherwise inappropriate skin and/or Minecraft name.
– Create structures that may be perceived as offensive or inappropriate. Examples include strip clubs, genitals, and swastikas.
– Server trading is not allowed.

Security and server integrity:
In addition, it is important that all players have a pleasant, safe and fair playing experience. Therefore it is not allowed to:
– Using hacks and unauthorized modifications from a 3rd party. This includes but is not limited to: hacked clients, autoclickers, macros or other external programs. It is also not allowed to put stuff on your mouse or keyboard to get extra stats, points, XP or other benefits.
– Purchase in-game items and/or ranks through any means other than, our official online shop. Any other form of purchase with real money is not allowed and can lead to a ban. Items bought/sold illegally will never receive support or support from the server and if you get banned for that you will not get any items/money back. This is also known as real world trading.
– Taking advantage of a weakness/flaw known as a “bug” in our system is strictly prohibited. Bugs should always be reported on the forum.
– Abusing alternative accounts. This differs per game mode what is allowed and what is not. If in doubt, ask a staff member or read below for the different rules per game mode.
– Share or distribute private and/or account information. Never give away your private information just like that! Not even to staff members, a Solito staff member will never ask for the password of your account, not even via email!
– Abusing the report system through spam and/or false reports.
– It is not allowed to use a VPN.

The staff members are there to protect the players and punish them where necessary. However, the players also have some obligations if you want to play on our server. We therefore expect that:
– You do not lie to staff members in office (i.e. where their rank is visible in-game or on one of the communication platforms)
– You do not abuse a staff member who does not follow the rules. When in doubt, you can always contact an Admin.
– All players report suspicious and/or prohibited activities to a staff member. Failure to report means you are complicit in the violation!

Note: Solito Lead may at any time, also deviating from the general regulations, remove players (permanently) from the server if, according to Lead, the player has a negative influence on the Solito Server.

Do you see a player breaking the rules? Then use /report! Make sure you can provide as much evidence as possible by means of a SCREENSHOT or a VIDEO!
(*1) Via chat icons you can send Jewish stars, swastikas, etc., for example. This is not the intention.

Other Rules

– Grieving is not allowed.
– It is not allowed to build in someone else’s base.
– PvP Logging is not allowed.
– The use of deathtraps is not allowed.
– AFK cheating is not allowed
– Litematics: Autobuild + easyPlaceMode is not allowed
Alternative Account Abuse (Alt-Abuse) is not allowed. This means that 2 accounts on the same IP and/or from the same owner are not allowed to contact each other. Think of transferring ingame items or currrency.
– If you have been banned from an account for 2 weeks or longer, it is not allowed to join with an alt. Joining will result in a ban for the alt.
– Minimap is allowed, player radar is not allowed. This falls under banned mods.
– Block/Water glitch is not allowed. [abusing ghost blocks that shouldn’t have been placed and therefore disappear again]
– Boat/Horse glitching is not allowed. [place boat to avoid falling damage + abuse the boarding/boarding to get over/through obstacles]
– Using water and lava to build on freeworld/other people’s land is not allowed.
– Building a structure/planting trees to enter a land is not allowed.
– Killing other people’s animals, which are in a clearly closed pen, which cannot be entered from outside, apart from a gate or a door, is not allowed.
– Bypassing PvP protection is not allowed.
– Grief from public buildings is not allowed.
– Mass grievances/theft is not allowed.
– Putting a home on someone else’s land is not allowed.
– Logout from another country is not allowed (logout between merged countries is also not allowed).
– Artworks that can be seen on the dynmap (pixel art, etc.) are not allowed.
– AFK jumping/cheating is not allowed.
– Camping in countries is NOT allowed.
[Camping includes attacking a country or group in such a way that they have no opportunity to fortify their defenses. This also includes camping/misuse of the international portals to the different countries, as a result of which use of this portal for which it is intended is not possible. Large construction projects also fall under this]
– Inside a country is NOT allowed.
[Inside a country with the intention of creating a way to invade/attack the country/steal items]
– Leaving a country to claim a teammate’s bounty is not allowed

– AFK farmen is niet toegestaan
– Het is niet toegestaan om 2 of meer redstone machines naast of tegen elkaar aan te zetten. Vraag bij een stafflid na of het kan indien het onduidelijk is of het kan of niet.
– Het gebruik maken van deathtraps, of op een andere manier medespelers killen buiten de pvp arena is niet toegestaan.
– Het is niet toegestaan om met meerdere accounts online te zijn op skyblock.
– Het scammen, of op andere manier oplichten, van je medespelers is niet toegestaan.
– Het maken of gebruiken van van duplicators is niet toegestaan.
– PvP-Loggen is niet toegestaan. Dit geldt voor zowel /hub, /spawn of /is.
– Teamen (in het PvP gedeelte) is niet toegestaan!


– Gelieve geen gebruik te maken van een voice morph zoals clownfish.
– Niet spammen in de chat. (hier hebben we een spam channel voor)
– Niet schelden en of schreeuwen/roepen in channels als de aanwezige mensen daar last van
– Geen seksueel getinte gesprekken voeren of spelers aanzetten tot het bekijken van sites die niet geschikt zijn voor alle leeftijden. Houd rekening met onze jongere spelers.
– Geen reclame maken d.m.v. linkjes (Youtube, Twitch etc.), Twitter accounts die verwijzing geven naar een Youtube kanaal/Twitch kanaal of profielfoto’s.
– Het is niet toegestaan om een onbeleefde/aanstootgevende profielfoto te hebben.
– Het is niet toegestaan privéchannels bezet te houden door middel van een musicbot.
– Medespelers irriteren met/misbruik maken van soundboard plugins is niet toegestaan.
– Zeur niet om een rank/unban. Unbans gaan via
– Geluidsopname maken is wel toegestaan tenzij je in een staffchannel zit of een stafflid dat anders vermeldt.

– Dubbelposten is niet toegestaan.
– Het is niet toegestaan om op een nieuw account terug te komen als je verbannen bent op een ander account.
– Het is niet toegestaan om niet-beargumenteerde haat topics te maken. Kritiek mag, haat is niet gewenst.