Privacy Policy

Dear Solito players,

As of May 25, 2020, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies. From that date, the same privacy legislation will apply throughout the EU. Now you may be thinking, what have I got to do with that? Well, we’re going to explain that in this post!

The Solito server collects data from everyone who uses parts of the server. That is on the forum, in the shop, in the server, in TeamSpeak and on Discord. According to this law, it must be clear to you as users of our services what we do with this data, hence this privacy statement.

Which country does the server belong to?
The organization behind the Solito server is located in the Netherlands. We therefore adhere to Dutch law. Hosting of the server is spread over a number of European countries.

What do we collect from you?
The Solito server has the following data for each player:

IP addresses you log in to;
Which other accounts log in to that IP address;
Your email address, provided you use the forum;
Your Minecraft accounts;
Your Discord accounts;
Your Forum accounts;
Your Forum avatar or photos and graphics you upload;
Date and time when you log in;
What games you are on and when;
All chat logs;
All the commands you execute
In most games: everything you do with items and blocks;
What you win from crates;
What you buy in-game with, for example, XP or coins;
All Forum Posts and DMs;
Which accounts are linked to each other (Forum, Discord and ingame);
Your ban/mute/warn/kick history.

Do you buy an item in our shop? Then we also have the following from you:

IP address from which you make the purchase;
On which Minecraft account you make the purchase;
Time and date of purchase;
What you buy (purchase history);
Your name, address, zip code, city, province and country;
How you paid (payment method);
In the case of PayPal, with which account was paid (name and email);
In the case of a bank payment (for example iDeal), from which account the payment was made and the name of the owner of the account.

Are you starting a procedure with us to exercise your right? Then there’s this:

Your mobile number;
E-mail address;
Copy ID with all information on it.

We destroy this data immediately after completing the procedure.

What of this data falls under personal data?
That’s only a small part, namely:

Address (including zip code, city, province and country);
IP address;
minecraft account;
E-mail address;
Bank details (only applicable with a purchase in the shop);
A photo of yourself that you upload to the Forum or Teamspeak.

Do we sell or share this data?
We never sell your data. Purchases that you make with us, you do in an external shop, namely at Tebex (formerly Buycraft). They therefore also have certain information, but you are also fully protected there. You can now create a login via our shop page and manage your data specifically for the shop.

What does the processing of personal data mean?
Processing means “any act or set of acts relating to personal data.” The law gives as examples the collection, recording, organization, preservation, updating, modification, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, distribution or any other form of making available, associating, associating, as well as blocking, erasure or destruction of personal data.

What are you entitled to now?

Right of access;
Right to rectification and addition;
Right to be forgotten;
Right to data portability;
Right to restriction of processing;
rights related to automated decision-making and profiling;
Right to object.

What do the new rights actually mean?
1. Right of access
Right of access means that you can see what personal data we have about you. Think of IP addresses, Minecraft names, your real name, address etc.

2. Right to rectification and completion
It is the case that it appears that information we have about you, for example your address, is incorrect in our system, we adjust it for you to the correct data and if necessary we supplement it.

3. Right to be forgotten
With this right, you can request that we delete all personal data that we have about you. There are possible consequences to this, which will be explained later.

4. Right to data portability
This allows you to request an export of your personal data from us or request that we transfer it to another company.

5. Right to restriction of processing
This allows you to request whether we process less of your personal data than we do now.

6. Rights with regard to automated decision-making and profiling
The Really on a human eye when making decisions.

7. Right to object
With this right you can object to the data processing that we do.

Why do we process this personal data?
This information is needed for a number of things.

The link of your name, address, IP address, email address, bank details and Minecraft account is necessary for purchases that you make in our shop. We are obliged for tax to register what we sell to whom, in addition, we must use this information to ensure that your purchase is registered in the correct name.

We need an IP address in combination with Minecraft accounts for moderation on the server. We need to be able to check if someone is using alt accounts and breaking server rules.

We use login times and how long you are on a game for capacity management. This is a hard word for us wanting to know how busy it is at what time it is in what game so we can make sure the servers can handle it.

In principle, we do not process photos. You are responsible for which images and photos you upload to our systems. We can remove them on request, but we do not do anything with them substantively.

What is our retention period?
We are required by law to keep data for 10 years because our server falls under the scope of providing electronic and telecommunications services.

What is the procedure to exercise your right and what are the consequences?
Again, we split it up into the different parts of the new law. For all parts, we only handle requests where the applicant can confirm his or her identity by means of a copy of ID. This is necessary given the sensitivity of the information. After establishing the identity, by means of copy ID, we may ask for additional information if there is any doubt about the authenticity. The copy ID and the answers to additional questions will be destroyed immediately after processing the request. Never send your copy ID unsolicited, only do this at our request and clearly after consultation with us via email, not via any other way!! PAY ATTENTION! You can only make requests for information that falls under personal data!
In addition: Do you want something with the data of purchases in the shop? Create an account there, link your Minecraft account and then you can arrange your application here. These matters are not handled via the email address!

1. Right of access
With this procedure you can request your personal data from us. After your identity has been established, you will receive a zip with all the data you request, which is encrypted with a password. You will receive the password from us by text message to your mobile number. After sending, we remove this zip on our side. After receipt you are responsible for the data you have received. So you cannot request a list of what you have purchased or your ban history.

2. Right to rectification and completion
For example, is your (email) address no longer correct in our system? Then start this procedure and we will adjust it where necessary.

3. Right to be forgotten
You can request that we delete all your personal data. This does not delete statistics or progress, as this does not fall under personal data. A complete reset of your Minecraft account on Solito is therefore not possible. It is also not possible to get out of a (permanent) ban! For example, you can ask very specifically whether we anonymize all your Forum posts.

4. Right to data portability
This procedure is the same as with the right of access. If you want us to transfer your data to another party, you must clearly indicate this in the application.

5. Right to restriction of processing
If you make this request, and you have shop purchases, for example, it means that things that you have built up, such as lobby level, have to be removed. It is technically not possible for us not to register from which IP address you log in with which account. We must be able to make the connection between our server and your game, and this is necessary.

6. Rights with regard to automated decision-making and profiling
We do not use automated decision-making systems. Automatic bans by the server are not personal data, you can simply create a ban appeal on this Forum.

7. Right to object
Do you not want us to process your IP addresses, for example? Then that is technically not possible, because otherwise you cannot access the server. If you start this procedure, we may have to block all traffic from your IP address. If you want to exercise this right, we will of course cooperate with this, but that may mean that you can no longer use our services.

To start a procedure, you must contact us via the email address You can’t go here for other questions.